A POWERFUL partnership involves understanding all aspects of your business or personal goals. The X3 team is comprised of industry talent that has been recruiting and placing experienced tradesmen for over 20 years. Each team member has a specific background in fields such as human resources (HR), business management, employee/leadership training, marketing, graphic design, website design, insurance, sales coaching, and more. Part of our Xtension Services is to make these benefits available to you, so that you can keep your eye on achieving your business and personal goals.

Darren Bolingbroke
Darren BolingbrokePresident/CEO
Schaeffer Warnock
Schaeffer WarnockChief Information Officer
Lindsay Owen
Lindsay OwenChief Financial Officer
Jim Steadman
Jim SteadmanChief Growth Officer
James Hubbard
James HubbardWorkforcing Advisor, Utah
Kim Boun
Kim BounLead Talent Advisor, Utah
Sam Alvarado
Sam AlvaradoTalent Advisor, Utah
Chris Hubbard
Chris HubbardWorkforcing Advisor, Utah
Jenny Mickelsen
Jenny MickelsenDirector of Training & Development
Sara Mesker
Sara MeskerAccounting Assistant
Christine Long
Christine LongAdministrative Assistant
Parker Collard
Parker CollardMarketing Assistant
Dan Ellis
Dan EllisMarket Director, Arizona
Kenny Vernal
Kenny VernalTalent Advisor, Arizona
Whitney Snowball
Whitney SnowballTalent Advisor, Colorado
Mike Kroeger
Mike KroegerWorkforcing Advisor, Arizona
Lulu Juarez
Lulu JuarezSupport Services
Kayedee Johnston
Kayedee JohnstonTalent Advisor, Colorado
Jason Thornton
Jason ThorntonSenior Software Engineer
Kenzie Perschon
Kenzie PerschonTalent Advisor, Arizona
Annette Torres
Annette TorresController
Bryce Turner
Bryce TurnerTalent Advisor, Arizona
Paige Bolingbroke
Paige BolingbrokeTalent Advisor, Utah
Tina Huynh
Tina HuynhTalent Advisor, Utah
Bryan Schleigh
Bryan SchleighWorkforcing Advisor, Colorado
Stephanie Arriaga
Stephanie ArriagaAssociate Talent Advisor, Arizona
JJ Steadman
JJ SteadmanDirector of Marketing
Mike Lippert
Mike LippertMarket Director, Colorado
Hailee Thorn
Hailee ThornAssociate Talent Advisor, Colorado
Grant Geisinger
Grant GeisingerWorkforcing Advisor, Colorado
Penny Sanders
Penny SandersWorkforcing Advisor, Arizona
Tyler Drysdale
Tyler DrysdaleMarket Director, utah
Suzanne Ricardez
Suzanne RicardezWorkforcing Advisor, Utah
Sara Delgado
Sara DelgadoTalent Advisor, Colorado
Stacy Page
Stacy PageSenior Accountant