The foundation of X3 Tradesmen is SAFETY.  The company is dedicated to the elimination of construction jobsite injuries with the ultimate objective of returning their valued, talented employees home to their families, friends, and communities, free from harm.  

X3 Tradesmen works hard to focus on construction safety and make the industry better and safer.  With an emphasis on education and training, their employees are armed with the necessary tools to practice safe work.  The most important aspect of which, is personal accountability and preparedness.  They strongly emphasize to their tradesmen that they are the “Key to Safety.” As a result, X3 has implemented a mandatory “Keep in on you” policy to emphasis construction safety.  They provide a literal key to their tradesmen, with the “Key to Safety” slogan imprinted upon it. This token serves as a daily reminder, that safety is a conscious choice that must be made each and every day.  

Another safety program X3 promotes is their “30:30:30” policy,  which they request that all of their tradesmen  Stop every 30 minutes, Look around for 30 seconds at least 30 feet to Identify, report and fix any potential hazards.  This policy helps to ensure that the surroundings haven’t changed and is yet another reminder to make SAFETY a habit.

The benefits to the X3 Key to Safety and X3 30:30:30 commitments are limitless.  The daily decision to work safe positively impacts the lives of X3’s talented tradesmen, their co-workers, X3’s clients, and all of their respective families and communities.  With safety at the forefront of employee’s minds, X3 strongly believes they can reach their goal of eliminating construction jobsite injuries and influence habits outside of the work environment.

Some of our safe tradesmen