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Aplíque Hoy, Trabaje Mañana

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29 Jobs Available Now!

No contratamos a trabajadores temporales porque no somos una empresa de trabajo temporal.

Sólo colocamos a nuestros talentos en proyectos a largo plazo que les permiten la flexibilidad de trabajar a tiempo completo y estar con la familia.

Ofrecemos a todos nuestros talentos beneficios a tiempo completo, incluyendo PTO, días festivos pagadas y seguro médico.

Actualmente tenemos varios proyectos que necesitan experimentados electricistas, plomeros e instaladores de HVAC con experiencia.

¡Aplique hoy y se colocan en un proyecto dentro de 48 horas!

Aquí hay una lista completa de los beneficios que ofrecemos:

  • Salarios competitivos
  • Seguro médico pagado al 50%
  • Seguro de visión y dental
  • Seguro de vida
  • 401K con aportación del empleador
  • Tiempo libre pagado (PTO)
  • Vacaciones pagadas después de 30 días de trabajo
  • Ayuda o reembolso de la matrícula
  • Trabajo cerca de casa
  • Horas extras opcionales
  • Programa Recomienda a un Obrero (gana más dinero por hora por recomendar a tus amigos)
  • Equipo de protección individual (EPI) gratuito
  • Reconocimiento y recompensas mensuales

Aplíque Hoy, Trabaje Mañana

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FAQs para Talentos

Can X3 keep me working full time?2023-07-14T14:42:50-06:00

We can keep you working full-time, but with the flexibility to choose projects you want to work on. That’s because we are not another temp agency and you will not be treated like a temp worker. We strive to get our tradesmen on projects that are long-term. We want you to build a career here and that isn’t possible if jobs only last 1-2 weeks at a time.

Who can I refer to X3?2023-03-01T18:32:08-07:00

Any applications you never got to or are not qualified for your posted position(s), unhired candidates, terminated tradesmen, or tradesmen that got laid off.

Why would I refer tradesmen to X3?2023-03-01T18:32:02-07:00

X-Refer is for those tradesmen that were not qualified for he job or just didn’t work for you. Sure, you could just let them go and wish them well, but if you send them to X3, we’ll pay you $1 credit for every hour they work for us.

How do I use my X3 credits?2023-03-01T18:31:48-07:00

Credits can be used when you need additional tradesmen on a job, or our X-Staff service. Give us a call and let us know what trade you need help with and the experience level, and we’ll apply your credits towards 

What kind of projects will I work on?2023-07-14T14:51:17-06:00

X3 partners with companies on commercial, industrial, and multifamily projects. We do not work with residential project owners. Examples of projects you could work on include industrial facilities, multi-family housing, hospitals, schools, warehouses, government buildings, religious structures, and much more.

How do I know how many credits I have?2024-02-19T09:40:50-07:00

You can get your X3 Credit’s balance by calling our office at 801-601-1414. 

How often do I get paid?2023-03-24T13:54:13-06:00
Does X3 provide benefits?2023-03-24T13:54:55-06:00

Yes! We offer health insurance, dental & vision insurance, life insurance, 401K retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, and more.

What does X3 pay their Talent?2023-03-24T13:53:49-06:00

Your pay will depend on your experience, work habits, and sometimes your schooling. We also provide our talent with safety incentives, lunches, and a generous referral program. Learn more about the X3 Referral Program that pays you when you refer another tradesman to work with us.

If we want to hire someone from X3, what are the terms?2023-03-23T16:27:55-06:00

You may hire a tradesman from X3 after 6 months (1040 hours worked). It’s the best compliment we can get at X3.

Do I earn credit for every resume I send you?2024-01-25T16:50:12-07:00

No. When you send us resumes, we begin our screening process to match each Talent with our open jobs. When we find a good match, you’ll start to accrue credits from the first hour they start on a project.

What if I want back a tradesmen I let go?2023-03-01T18:37:16-07:00

That’s where our X-Reserve service comes in. Check out our X-Reserve page for more details.

What are your rates and what’s included?2023-03-23T16:31:10-06:00

Individual Talent rates differ based on experience, efficiency, and overall quality. We go above and beyond to match the right Talent with the right job and crew.

How does X3 find tradesmen?2023-03-23T16:33:30-06:00

We find our tradesmen via many sources including paid advertisements, referrals, and direct recruiting efforts (phone calls, emails, texts). We have a Do Not Recruit Policy with all of our partners. We will not recruit your employees.

Is there a limit to how many credits I can earn?2024-01-25T16:51:27-07:00

Nope! Take your credits to the moon.

What if we are unhappy with someone you sent us?2023-03-23T16:35:04-06:00

We guarantee our tradesmen. If you are unsatisfied with their performance or work ethic, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can quickly find you a more suitable replacement. Their first 8 hours with you comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Can I convert my credits into cash?2024-02-19T09:39:16-07:00

No. Credits can only be used as a credit towards a future invoice.

How do I earn X3 credits?2024-01-25T16:40:27-07:00

X3 credits are earned when a tradesperson is referred to X3 by a sub-contractor and begins accumulating hours with X3. For every hour that a tradesperson works on a project, you earn $1. 

Do X3 credits expire?2024-02-19T09:39:24-07:00

No. Your credits never expire.

Why should I work for X3?2023-07-14T14:56:19-06:00