X3 will revolutionize the way contractors and tradespeople work together and shift what it means to manage a client’s workforce. Through our full-time employment model and unique client solutions, X3 is the future of construction employment.


We have a vision to redefine how construction companies manage their staff and how tradespeople improve their careers. We will go beyond staffing; we will be the workforce extension of our clients’ businesses and a resource for the professional and personal growth of our talent. We will lead the staffing industry in this paradigm shift.


We are

Confident. We demonstrate our confidence through our knowledge, energy, and “never give up” attitude. We are steady, strong and convey competence. 

Consistent.  Clients and talent can count on X3 to make good on its promises. Period. We identify client and talent needs, meet or exceed expectations, and perform at our best…even under pressure.

Compassionate. We sincerely care about each client, talent, and project. Compassion is what allows X3 to build strong, long-term relationships, have empathy for those we work with, and act with kindness.

Ethical. We strive to do the right thing for our clients , our talent, and to achieve a win-win-win outcome every time. We deal fairly with each other. We are conscientious. We are honest, putting the best interests of all parties first.

Original. We are innovative, always looking for creative ways to serve our clients and talent. We aren’t afraid to break the mold and invent new approaches for getting things done. We turn challenges into advantages.

Open. Together with our clients and talent, we are a team. We are transparent in our business dealings. We willingly share what we know and what we learn from one another. We are straightforward and approachable.