X3’s innovative time keeping app allows you to track the hours you have worked on your phone rather than using paper time cards.

  • Clock in/out

  • Timecard approval

  • Push notifications

  • Safety reminders

  • Job details

Follow the instructions below to download and use the X3 Mobile Application.


Downloading The Mobile App

Read the following instructions to download and install the X3 Mobile App for Android or iOS.


Logging Into The Mobile App

To log into the X3 Mobile Application open the app on your device and type in your user credentials provided to you by an X3 team member. Your username is automatically generated as the first letter in your first name followed by your last name plus the month and day of your birthday (ex. if your name is John Smith and your birthday is 09/01/1980 than your username would be JSmith0901). Your password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.


Clock In/Out

Each and every day that you are scheduled to work you are required to clock in and clock out. Login and select the project you are assigned to and press the clock in button once you begin working. After your scheduled shift has ended, reopen the application and press the clock out button and you will be prompted to adjust/verify the number of hours you worked. If you need to adjust your hours for a specific day in the past, navigate to the home screen and adjust the date selector to the appropriate date.


Getting Your Time Approved & Submitting

On Friday’s (or the last scheduled day of your job) you need to get the time you worked approved by your supervisor. Select the “Approve” tab and follow the instructions to have your supervisor sign and submit your weekly timecard.

If you are having troubles or need assistance with the app, please feel free to contact us.