X3 Tradesmen have the opportunity to make big bucks by referring friends and other tradesmen. For every tradesmen you refer, you earn $1/hr for every hour your referral works! Don’t work for X3? You can still earn a $300 gift card for your referral!

Tradesmen Holding Referral Check

1 Referral

  • Referring 1 tradesmen could help you afford a new motorcycle!

2 Referrals

  • Referring 2 tradesmen could help you afford a new off road vehicle!

4 Referrals

  • Referring 4 tradesmen could help you afford a new truck!

7 Referrals

  • Referring 7 tradesmen could help you afford a new home!

Dollar amounts are calculated based on an X3 Tradesmen’s referral working 40 hours per week with an average of 4 weeks per month and earning $1/hr for every hour a referral works for X3 Tradesmen. Items that you could afford were estimated on an average monthly payment for each item.

X3 provides an amazing opportunity for their actively working Talent to earn a bonus by referring other quality tradesmen. X3 Talent (aka “referrer”) who refers a qualified candidate (aka “referred”) will receive a $1.00 bonus for every hour the referred candidate works for X3. The referral bonus is paid out monthly and will be dependent on the referrer receiving the bonus having worked an average of 36 hours or more per pay period. X3’s Referral Program is subject to change. Additional terms and conditions apply. X3 does not recruit from clients.

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