The construction industry can be a dangerous environment and X3’s top priority is ensuring that tradespeople make it home safely each and every day. Our focus on safety includes multiple innovative programs that X3 has implemented to empower our workforce to work safe.

  • Screening Process

  • Digital Safety Training

  • Mobile App

  • Safety Pledge

  • 30-30-30 Rule

  • Key To Safety

  • Safety Reminders

  • Rewards



One of the best ways of ensuring that your employees stay safe is by hiring the highest quality tradespeople. Reputable and experienced tradespeople understand the importance of safety and practice important safety habits daily. Individuals with little to no experience have the potential to become great tradespeople with the appropriate training and guidance on safety.


X3 utilizes a digital on-boarding process to qualify candidates. During this process, candidates are required to complete safety training videos and a safety quiz that includes the following topics:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard Communication
  • Trenching
  • Ladder Safety
  • Confined Spaces
  • Fall Protection
  • Scaffold
  • Stop Work Authority
  • 30-30-30 Rule


X3’s innovative mobile app allows tradesmen to easily clock in and out during the work day.

  • Each time a user clocks in they are greeted with a safety message.
  • When a user clocks out they have the ability to report any safety issues they may have encountered.
  • Helps eliminate the mass safety communication barrier.
X3 Mobile Safety App


X3’s Safety Pledge is a promise that we created to ensure that each tradesperson we hire recognizes and shares the same value for safety. Read the pledge below:

“X3 puts the safety of their Talent as their highest priority. I pledge to put the safety of myself and others as my highest priority. I understand that I have the authority to STOP WORK if I feel my safety, or the safety of others is in concern. I will contact X3 immediately if I am asked to do something unsafe or am witness to an unsafe act”

30-30-30 RULE

X3 created the 30-30-30 Rule as a constant reminder for our tradespeople to check their surroundings and ensure that their work environment is safe.


X3’s Key to Safety is given to each tradesmen to put on their car keys. This key is meant to remind our talent that safety is a choice and to make the safe choice every time.

  • The majority of accidents the individual had chosen to be unsafe.
  • The most dangerous thing we do each day is get into a vehicle and with this key being attached to your car keys it reminds everyone to drive safe.


The work day can get extremely busy and it can become difficult to always keep safety on your mind. X3 created these simple tools to ensure that tradesmen are constantly reminded to work safe.



Not having to deal with medical bills, missing work, pain, or even death are some of the great benefits of working safe. At X3, we take it one step further by rewarding tradespeople that we find working safely on construction sites. If you are caught with your Key to Safety, Safety Sticker, and Safety Card you might just get a nice little reward!