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We pay you for the talent you no longer need.

Refer applicants, layoffs and terminations to X3.

Send Us Your Unhired or Terminated Talent & Earn Credits

Recruiting through online job boards?

If you’re recruiting through any of the major job boards, you are likely paying per application or per job click. On average, a construction company only interviews 3% of the resumes submitted.

What do you do with those resumes that don’t get an interview that you’ve already paid for?

Give the other 97% to X3 and earn credits for anyone we hire.

Recent Layoffs or Terminations?

Whether it’s out of your control or a result of performance, it’s never great to lose skilled laborers. Our X-Refer service takes the employee separation and turns it into a win-win situation for you.

Send X3 the talent you had to let go for whatever reason, and if we can find them a new home, we’ll credit you $1 for every hour they work with us.

Stop moving on from talent for nothing.

“I have worked with X3 Tradesmen for over three years. They are a great company for those who work in the Elec, Plum, or HVAC field. They offer benefits and tuition reimbursement for those employees who need it. Highly recommend.”


X-Refer is used by sub-contactors and GC when they no longer need a tradesmen. Here’s who you can refer to X3:

  • Refer rejected applications or applications you never got around to reviewing.

  • Refer candidates you interviewed and didn’t hire because they don’t fit your criteria.

  • Refer tradesmen you are laying off due to overstaffed projects or other reasons.

  • Refer tradesmen you terminated.

  • Earn $1/hr credit for every hour your referrals work with X3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we are unhappy with someone you sent us?2023-03-23T16:35:04-06:00

We guarantee our tradesmen. If you are unsatisfied with their performance or work ethic, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can quickly find you a more suitable replacement. Their first 8 hours with you comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

How does X3 find tradesmen?2023-03-23T16:33:30-06:00

We find our tradesmen via many sources including paid advertisements, referrals, and direct recruiting efforts (phone calls, emails, texts). We have a Do Not Recruit Policy with all of our partners. We will not recruit your employees.

What are your rates and what’s included?2023-03-23T16:31:10-06:00

Individual Talent rates differ based on experience, efficiency, and overall quality. We go above and beyond to match the right Talent with the right job and crew.

If we want to hire someone from X3, what are the terms?2023-03-23T16:27:55-06:00

You may hire a tradesman from X3 after 6 months (1040 hours worked). It’s the best compliment we can get at X3.

How do I use my X3 credits?2023-03-01T18:31:48-07:00

Credits can be used when you need additional tradesmen on a job, or our X-Staff service. Give us a call and let us know what trade you need help with and the experience level, and we’ll apply your credits towards 

What if I want back a tradesmen I let go?2023-03-01T18:37:16-07:00

That’s where our X-Reserve service comes in. Check out our X-Reserve page for more details.

Why would I refer tradesmen to X3?2023-03-01T18:32:02-07:00

X-Refer is for those tradesmen that were not qualified for he job or just didn’t work for you. Sure, you could just let them go and wish them well, but if you send them to X3, we’ll pay you $1 credit for every hour they work for us.

Who can I refer to X3?2023-03-01T18:32:08-07:00

Any applications you never got to or are not qualified for your posted position(s), unhired candidates, terminated tradesmen, or tradesmen that got laid off.

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