Save money and your Talent by lending them to X3 with X-LEND.

  • Eliminate payroll costs during times you don’t have enough projects.

  • Keep your tradesmen working to ensure that they don’t leave.

  • Avoid the stress of scrambling for projects to keep your employees working.

  • Get your workers back when you need them.

  • Earn $1/hr credit for every hour your tradesmen work with X3.

  • Use earned credits with X3 when you are in need of additional tradesmen.

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“We have used X3 Tradesmen’s Lending Program for many years now and it has solved many staffing issues for us. A common problem in construction is new projects starting on time. We often run into delays. With X3’s lending program, we can keep our talent employed and working while waiting to mobilize on-site. The bonus for using X3’s lending program is we receive credits from X3 for lending our employees. We can then use earned credits when we are short-handed and need additional help. Big Win-Win for both us and X3!”

Shelby, Twist Electric, Inc.
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“X3 has great services that have helped me out as a plumbing contractor. I have had their workers on my own job sites to help with additional labor when multiple jobs hit at the same time and I just don’t have the workforce to supply all my jobs with sufficient skilled workers. We have also lent employees out when job start dates have been delayed.

Rather than layoffs, we have been able to send our employees to other plumbing jobs facilitated by X3 and get our employees back when our jobs are ready.”

Bourke T., Tarbet Plumbing Company

“It has been great to have a company that is so eager to work with us in the HVAC business and to be able to call them and have the manpower in a matter of a couple of days or the next day dispatched to the job site.

If I let them know of a job with enough time, they try their hardest to help us out.

I would definitely recommend them to other trades and have recommended them to other companies in the HVAC trade.”

Rick M., Owner at BCB Heating and Air

“Our experience with X3 has been amazing. I don’t use the word amazing very often, but my expectations of them have been surpassed time and time again. I feel like we have been treated like good friends or family by their staff.

They have always bent over backward to do anything to help us. They have been patient while we have demanded guys in a short time frame and then turned around and sent them right back. They are professional yet care deeply about their clients. I couldn’t refer them higher. They are my go-to workforce partner for life!”

Jake S.

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Turn Your Payroll Into Credits

When you lend your tradesmen to X3, you eliminate payroll expenses and earn Credits. Earn $1/hr for every hour your employees are on an assignment with X3.

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Ready To Use Your Credits?

Keep your projects on track! Give us a call and let us know what skills you are looking for. We won’t bill you until all your credits have been applied.


Dedicated Team

X3’s highly trained staff is dedicated to providing your company with Xceptional value and service.

Quality Talent

Our detailed screening process and niche focus allows us to identify the best qualified candidates for your workforce needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with an X3 Talent during the first 2 days of the Talent working, there will be no cost to you.

Safety Oriented

Safety is in our blood and we have created multiple programs that empower our talent to work safely. To learn more about our safety program, click here.

Multiple Services

X3 offers services beyond staffing that bring more value to your organization such as direct placement, lending talent, and more.

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