Workforcing Credits

Workforcing Credits2024-02-28T11:19:16-07:00

How to Earn Credits

When you have extra tradespeople, you get paid.

For every tradesperson you refer us and are assigned to a project, we credit you $1 for every hour they work.

It’s that simple.

That’s what Workforcing does for you.

Below are ways you can start earning X3 credits today!

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“We have used X3 Lending Program for many years now and it has solved many workforce issues for us. The bonus for using X3’s lending program is we receive credits from X3 for lending our employees. We can then use earned credits when we are short-handed and need additional help. Big Win-Win for both us and X3!”

BRENT , Hunt Electric, Inc.

Workforcing Services That Earn You Credits

Credits you have accumulated can be used with our X-Staff service. When you need extra tradesmen on a project, we’ll use up your credit balance first.

Credits earned while also using X-Staff will be applied to your next invoice.

X3 credits that you accumulate will always remain on your account.

Each time you add an X3 tradesmen to your active project, we’ll credit your invoices until all credits are used.

Unused credits will carry over to the next

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn X3 credits?2024-01-25T16:40:27-07:00

X3 credits are earned when a tradesperson is referred to X3 by a sub-contractor and begins accumulating hours with X3. For every hour that a tradesperson works on a project, you earn $1. 

How do I know how many credits I have?2024-02-19T09:40:50-07:00

You can get your X3 Credit’s balance by calling our office at 801-601-1414. 

Do X3 credits expire?2024-02-19T09:39:24-07:00

No. Your credits never expire.

Do I earn credit for every resume I send you?2024-01-25T16:50:12-07:00

No. When you send us resumes, we begin our screening process to match each Talent with our open jobs. When we find a good match, you’ll start to accrue credits from the first hour they start on a project.

Can I convert my credits into cash?2024-02-19T09:39:16-07:00

No. Credits can only be used as a credit towards a future invoice.

Is there a limit to how many credits I can earn?2024-01-25T16:51:27-07:00

Nope! Take your credits to the moon.