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X3 has provided quality skilled electricians on numerous high pressure commercial jobs for our company. Our X3 rep Joe Simmons has been very hands on with meeting our needs when we were short on man power. Can’t imagine dealing with any other company for our skilled temp needs.

Quinn Aaron Chiverse

This company is awesome. They work with and for their employees. Always looking out and caring for those around them. I’ve used X3 on a few jobs and been pleased with their work.

Dallas Hart

I have used X3 to help staff many of my projects. They are the best in the business by far!

Bryce Dixon

I want to say thank you to all the staff in the X3 office who I’ve known for a few years now. You have kept me working since day one. You also have understood every situation I’ve had in my life and we’ve worked around them. The company is still improving and growing more even though it’s perfect how it is now. I will continue to do my best for the company and again thank you ladies for doing an amazing job in the office. You all are the best and I will do my part as well on keep bragging about how great It Feels to be part of the X3 team. Keep up the great work!! Thank You!!

Jay Watson

I’ve worked with X3 in the past before X3 I work with them again and they all have helped me tremendously! And Joe where are my gloves, lol you all are great!

Tony Martinez

Heidi Sam and Kim have always worked so hard to accommodate my unique schedule and needs. Ive been working with them for 4 years and they’ve kept me busy the whole time! Great team! Update: I’ve been back with these folks for 5 months now and they still are working as hard for the guys in the field as before. They are doing so much to create a family atmosphere and loyalty im lucky to be here! Thanx guys for all you do!

Mike Hooper

I just want to thank the members of X3 for treating Mike Gonzales like family. I listen every night to the excitement and spark he has for working for these wonderful ladies. He has that drive and integrity to do great things for these girls and the company. Thank you X3 for taking such great care of him. It means so much to us.

Kimberly Bailey

I’ve worked w/ Heidi, Sam & Kim for close to a year, I’ve had nothing but great experience w/ them & the company. They’re always concerned for us, making sure we are happy, & making sure we have work! They’ve always been flexible, an ear to listen to any concerns also, they’ve put together a great company to work for!!!
I’d recommend working for them!

Eric W. Butler

Excellent people, very professional and great to work with. I’ll recommend them to anyone who needs extra tradesmen.

Jason Carroll

Never had a company care the way x3 cares. They are the best office staff, keep me busy and right by my house. I’m extremely picky about my employers but I have no complaint here

Brian Rowley

This company and staff are excellent to work with. Everyone is friendly and hard working. I am happy to start my career with this company.

Bryce Gardner
I love X3.
I wouldn’t work for any other company.
They always look out for their talent. And they Keep their talent working on the best jobsites with awesome pay and benefits. Come and check out what X3 can do for you!
Best One year Anniversary BBQ.
Thanks X3 Tradesman. #X3Tradesmanrocks
Nick Baker